Web Development Course in Calicut

Learn JavaScript to advance your skills in web development and software design. JavaScript (JS) is the programming language used to bring web pages to life. Anyone interested in developing websites and web applications must master JS skills, and baabtra offers the best web development training available for beginners to get started.



Web Development Course Details

This course will teach you the basics of building web applications, such as how to use HTML to create a web page, how to style your content, and how to make your sites interactive. The course is packed with hands-on experience, so by the conclusion, you’ll be confident in creating your own website and tackling more complex courses. Instead of watching extended lectures, you’ll be directed by rich-text teaching, interactive coding, and quizzes.

Baabtra’s JavaScript Web Development course covers all of the fundamentals without leaning on frameworks or libraries. The course covers Object-Oriented programming, DOM manipulation, Patterns, and Async JS, all in current JavaScript code. Live video sessions are used to teach the lessons, and the course includes live projects for you to complete.

Baabtra’s web development training offers a viable bundle of web developer requirements as skill-based training with a Live Internship opportunity. We allow you to experiment with creating a web application, which includes expert coaching, project planning and execution, and professional career grooming sessions with a live project.¬†

Course Benefits

  • Discover how to construct Responsive Websites in a short amount of time.
  • Learn how to use web navigation on web 3.0 standards.
  • Capable of developing web pages without the use of tables
  • Gather data in order to integrate variable scripts into a web page.
  • Acquire sufficient knowledge to upload and launch websites.


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