Training Process

A digit that communicates more than pages of CV A progress report generated through an online test on the IT skills of the candidate. BAABTRA rating equips candidate to present their worth in programming skills and avoids employers the task of reading through pages of CV and, in some cases, being misled by the CVs.


Take requirements from companies and convert it into skills, technologies and other parameters.


Use the BAABTRA PROFILE to see each student’s potential to become programming professionals in terms of their analytical and logical skills as well as familiarity with languages. This tested automated tool allows the company, the candidate and us to understand where this particular person stands and allows us to chart a road map ahead.


Identifies those who are directly employable to the company HR and for others, training is made available to become employable for jobs with similar portfolios.


The training methodology is based on project-based-practice and learning and assessment are highly automated with the options of giving quick feedback and availability of extra materials.

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